third trimester goals

The nesting bug has bitten me, but I have to channel the nesting instincts into moving, rather than actually nesting, as we are moving in a month. (This is a GOOD thing and something I wanted.)

Now that I’m all-in to the third trimester of this pregnancy, I have some goals, created from various motivations: a) the experience last time around (my first) was a shocker; I wish to avoid the helpless, confusing spiral into depression and overwhelming anxiety that I experienced before. b) not feeling great. I haven’t been sleeping amazingly and I am putting on weight (only as much as I’m supposed to, but I still don’t love it!) with my first pregnancy, I wasn’t very active and I gained a few pounds beyond what was necessary (like maybe 10 pounds extra). I did not lose that weight easily after birth, as many do. I am anticipating that, although I will have extra help with breastfeeding this time around, my body may cling to its beloved pounds again post-partum, and I want to do what I can to feel as beautiful as possible in the meantime.

In the past few days, I’ve had people mention things like, “Oh, look at your little belly. It’s really starting to show now.” And it makes me think, really? I’m 6 months along! Did I just look fat for the past 5.5 months? *cringe* I’m not a lightweight here. I wear size 10 jeans. (Well, I did… Now I’m in a tightish “medium”. Gotta love maternity jeans…)

c) I have a lot to do, pairing nicely with this nesting instinct. However, there are so many hours in a day and the last 3-4 of them tend to be my least productive. Being at home with my 2.5 year old, I am able to get a limited amount done each day. So this is another factor with my goals,

For now, my goals are simple, day-to-day things that will empower me to chip away at my big To-Do list at a better pace.

1. Wake up earlier. I’ve been allowing myself to sleep in as late as my son sleeps. And stay up as late as my husband stays up (which is very late). I don’t enjoy going to bed alone and it makes it harder to wake up earlier. If I just start waking up earlier, though, I won’t have such a hard time going to bed at an earlier time, regardless of how late my husband stays up at night.

2. Use up everything in the pantry. We’re moving in a month and I’ve had a tendency toward hoarding in the past. Turns out, when something goes on sale really cheap, it’s for a reason. The savings just don’t add up to a worthwhile level for the quality of the food. (Bumble Bee tuna, I’m looking at you.)

3. Get rid of things that I don’t love and don’t serve our family. Those items do not deserve to go on the moving truck!


I’ll have to write more later. This is a work in progress, for sure.

third trimester goals

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