powerful lesson

My son seemed to actually nap today.

I chose to rest for the majority of that time.

So when I heard him awake, and went into his room, I was in a good place (mindset).

I felt intuitively like just holding him for a few minutes when I picked him up out of his crib.

He just let me hold him and, after a minute or two, quoted the last page of “Corduroy” as he put his little arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder for a hug.

My heart was very full. He didn’t feel so heavy in my arms and I cherished that hug, knowing that someday soon enough he’ll be too big to hold in my arms and hug.

Now I’m crying.

Spending a few extra minutes to show him a new play-dough technique or give him a long hug, really makes a big difference in his behavior and I’m amazed by that.

My tendency to feel guilt over how often I have neglected to do so, blaming myself for any behavior that wasn’t good, I’m giving over to God. Grace.

Love and Grace.

powerful lesson

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