we are not machines

I was just reading this article by a WAHD on working from home, and reading through the comments. I realized that there’s this fairly plain truth about us humans that we are not approaching, let alone embracing, and, even, at times, vehemently refusing to acknowledge, striving to prove the opposite in an exercise of futility.

We aren’t machines.

“Modern” medicine and post-industrial public education propaganda curriculum would convince us otherwise. Breaking us into specialized parts – “the brain” (sometimes with corresponding “nervous system”, sold separately), “the heart”, “the hormones”, “vital organs”, “lymph”, etc. etc. Force-feeding children that dirty dish-water soup of a theory commonly called “evolution” as if it were a hearty, nourishing meal of truth; for 8+ hours a day, at that.

It carries into the realm which that public education aims to propel us – the “workplace”. Where your value is absolutely equal to the sum of your parts. “What were you working on from 9:45 to 10:00 this morning? It’s not in your report?” This is where we start. After proving our fabricated mettle to merit us a degree – that express ticket to a few of the older, outdated stations along a one-way line – we begin at the end. “Entry-level” jobs are essentially designed to exterminate any lingering flame of passion and creativity that may remain after completing a sufficient number of one’s formative years consuming that curriculum that was designed so long ago to make us consumers rather than producers, janitors rather than creators.

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Bonus points if you get the reference.

we are not machines

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