three nopes.

So, there are three things that are so simple, yet so impactful, in relationships and society as a whole. By saying “nope” when life seems to offer these things as options, we can instantly make a big impact in our relationships and community.

Name-calling. Yeah, this is not okay. I’m not just talking about “Jerk!” or “You’re such a weakling”; those obviously harmful names are already considered unhelpful by most of society. But what about “lactivist”? “Perfectionist”? “Genius”, “racist”, “millennial”, “fundie”, “liberal”? These are considered acceptable terms to give and take however one chooses. The immediate and lasting effects of name calling deserve to be considered. I will go so far as to say name-calling is completely unnecessary. It is God who determines who someone is (and no one is a “what”). Let’s save our breath and watch the effect.

Complaining. Want to get nowhere fast? This is the way to go. Not only does it get you nowhere, it drags you and everyone around you down and keeps you down. Who would have thought that words could be so powerful? But we know they are. Now, for the examples. The obvious complaints of “My car sucks,” “I hate my job,” “I’ll never meet someone,” are very much Debbie Downer material. What about less obvious complaints? “Politics, right?” “Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!” “I have nothing to wear.” The worst complaints come in as excuses, as we try to make ourselves feel better about something and end up making it much worse in the long run. “The traffic is unbelievable!” “You never listen.” “I just can’t win with you, can I?” These are damaging and unnecessary. Drop ’em. Drop ’em all! Just see what happens to your life.

Can’t. Oooh, you know about this one, don’t you? This one is a CURSE WORD. Yes, really. Every time you say “can’t”, you are speaking a curse over your or someone else’s life. Scripture says that “all things are possible” and that we can “do all things through Christ who strengthens” us. So “can’t” directly contradicts scripture. If you are not a Bible-believing Christian, the power of words still applies. Try to remove “can’t” from your vocabulary. It will have a fascinating effect!




three nopes.

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